Tax Expert FAQs

Q1. What is involved?

A1. Firstly, for clients qualifying for tax planning advice, you will be invited to a FREE interview where your tax situation will be examined in detail by one of our senior advisors. You may choose to bring your accountant to the interview or other trusted advisor on tax issues. Once a basic assessment has been made, a solution will be explained to you. The solution may involve further consultation with a tax planning advice specialist or the implementation of an existing specialised product to meet your goals. You will then be asked to think about what you have been told and if you require further information we will be send it to you. If you are comfortable to go ahead with the tax planning advice, it will then be up to you to get back in touch with us and move the process ahead.

For further background information on the area of tax planning advice, please see our valuable Tax Guides by clicking here. Alternatively, if you would like to pose a question to our experts, contact us by email and we will make every effort to respond to your tax advice FAQs.

Q2. How does tax planning advice work?

A2. The Tax Experts have sourced the finest taxation avoidance products available in the UK for the use of UK Tax Payers. We will select the most appropriate Tax Expert to handle your taxation requirements. These experts work with a number of the leading providers of tax planning advice and we charge you up to 4% of the income being sheltered for the introduction, depending on the particular method being employed.

Q3. How much does tax planning advice cost?

A3. The good news is that your very own consultation with one of our Tax Experts will cost you absolutely nothing, it’s FREE. The cost of further tax planning advice will depend on the product you choose for your circumstances and perhaps the volume of business.

Q4. How do I know it’s going to work and I won’t be asked by HMRC to pay the tax at a later date?

A4. Because the service provider will support you up to and including High Court Level with their own funds should you ever be challenged by the HMRC for any tax planning advice has been dispensed. This would invariably cost more than any fees you will have been charged, so tax planning will only be carried out on your behalf if it is known that it will work. This fee is 100% refundable in the highly unlikely event that the tax planning is deemed unworkable by the HMRC.

Q5. How do I know it will work?

A5. On each method or product we use our taxation mitigation process, which canvasses a Taxation Queen’s Counsels’ opinion as to its likely outcome before the particular type of tax planning advice is made available to you. This is your insurance as much as it is ours.

Q6. When can I book a tax planning advice appointment?

A6. Now! Either call us on 0845 052 3787 or email us now at or request a call back now by filling out the contact form HERE.

Legally and substantially reduce your tax NOW!

Q7. Will my information remain CONFIDENTIAL?

A7. This is one of our most common tax advice questions. The answer is yes; we do not pass your personal information or details to anyone outside of our tax network, unless you wish us to do so. Any questions or taxation problems you have will be forwarded to one of our tax consultants depending on your particular requirements and not passed outside of our tax network.

Q8. Is tax planning advice illegal?

A8. No, it is every Tax Payers right to reduce their own tax liability through tax planning. This is termed as Tax Avoidance or more correctly, Tax Planning. Tax evasion is illegal and is where a Tax Payer consciously chooses to hide taxable income from HMRC. The Tax Experts UK will not work with a client whom we feel wishes to defraud the tax authorities.

Q9. I have questions which are not answered here. How can I ensure my tax advice FAQs are answered?

A9. If you’d like to pose further tax advice FAQs or would like to speak to The Tax Experts about any aspect of our tax planning advice, please call us on 0845 052 3787 or email us on or request a call back by filling out the contact form Here.