Mitigate Property Tax

Mitigate the Effects of Summer Budget 2015

Tax on Rented Property

If your property is held in your own name as many Landlords do, you will now fall foul of the recent laws, which will reduce the amount of interest you can claim as an expense to zero by 2020. This law will have serious consequences for many Landlords and force them to sell their properties, which appears to be the reason for implementing it. How to avoid property tax.

You have 2 Solutions

1. Move your properties into a limited company
2. Collect no rent and pay your mortgages with loans (explanation later in text)

Limited Company Optione

If your properties are in a Limited Company, you will not be subject to the new legislation. However, there are a few problems with that. You will incur Capital Gains Tax (CGT)on the transfer and Stamp Duty on the transfer, not to mention legal costs. We can arrange the transfer of your properties without incurring any CGT or Stamp Duty. We can even organise very competitive interest rates on Mortgages if you need this.

Collect No Rents and Pay your Mortgages with Loans

We can assist you in achieving the situation where you will collect the rents in a management company and then you will receive your rents tax-free via loans and then you pay your mortgages with those loans. This circumvents the latest legislation and also enables you to not pay any tax on the rental profits if there were any.

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Asset Protection

Once you have built up a portfolio, the next problem is protecting it from an aggressive creditor that may materialise at the most inopportune moment. Sadly, many clients come to us once the potential creditor has taken action and it is usually too late for us to do anything as asset protection MUST be done in advance of the creditor taking action against you and your assets. There are exceptions to this, so get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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Stamp Duty

Another area that is becoming more and more of a problem as property values rise is SDLT, also known as Stamp Duty. We are able to offer clients various ways of mitigating this tax. For purchases over £500,000 or portfolios.

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