Mitigate Inheritance Tax

How to Mitigate Inheritance Tax/ Death Duties How to avoid inheritance tax

There are many ways to mitigate Inheritance tax with Inheritance Tax Planning. Like every aspect of tax planning there are numerous ways of achieving the desired result, which is ultimately a heavily reduced inheritance tax bill or ideally no inheritance tax bill at all. Inheritance tax trusts come in many different forms. Mitigating Inheritance Tax with us will normally save you 100% of your legacy for your family. The main method we use for eliminating inheritance tax is the asset trust/remuneration trust.

All aspects of the asset trust tax planning have been tested in court.

Some of the benefits of this particular type of tax planning are:


1. Mitigates Inheritance Tax
2. Works immediately so no 7 Year Rule applies – suitable for people at the end of their lives.
3. Can continue to take rental income and dividend income from your assets.
4. Does not interfere with lending or the title as mortgages are unaffected and the title for all assets remain in your name.
5. All aspects of method proven in Court
5. You Retain Full Control your assets – not a Trustee.
6. Legal Opinion by Robert Venables QC. For significance of him and his opinion click here.


1. 15,000 people in the UK currently using our method.
2. Been successfully employed by the providor of the tax planning for 25+ years and used extensively by UK tax payers for several hundred years.

Death Bed Inheritance Tax Planning

The inheritance tax planning method mentioned above is suitable for people near the end of their lives as it works immediately. There is no 7 year rule applicable as the assets are given away to an entit7-yearide the UK where there is no inheritance tax, but you RETAIN FULL CONTROL of your assets and so will your beneficiaries.

We have a number of other standard ways of mitigating avoiding inheritance tax, so if there is some other type of tax planning that you would like to explore, just call us and we will offer you these other options.

To qualify for the methods that we use as ways to mitigate inheritance tax your estate needs to be valued at over £1 million.

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