Mitigate Corporation Tax

How to Mitigate Corporation Tax How to Avoid Corporation Tax

As a company owner you first get subjected to corporation tax at an average rate of 20% and when it comes time to take money out for yourself you get hit with an additional 38.1% if you are a higher rate tax payer, creating an effective tax rate of almost 60%! This makes many company owners the highest tax payers in the country when they are the ones driving the economy and providing employment. This makes our services in great demand in assisting people like you in reducing their tax burden.

Corporate tax planning, is also known as company tax planning or even business tax planning. Company Tax Planning is configuring your company’s affairs in order to mitigate or reduce corporation tax. Previously an old favourite was the employee benefit trust as a way how to mitigate corporation tax, which has sadly become obsolete since the 9th December 2010. However our expert tax planners have many other clever alternatives. All our corporate tax planning solutions are compliant with all current legislation and give the same or better corporate tax planning results as the Employee Benefit Trust did. Our Corporate Tax Planning experts will show you how to reduce or totally mitigate corporation tax for your company.

Here are some Common Problems we can assist you with:

1.Overdrawn Director’s Loan account. Already spent the money but want to mitigate the tax?
2.Your current year Profits will attract taxation and you want to reduce it.
3.You would like to avoid the corporation tax but still have cash to re-invest in the next tax year.
4.You would like to be paid monthly, but not be subjected to tax.
5.You would like to deal with the previous tax-year’s profits but have not yet submitted a tax return.
6.You would like to extract accumulated profits from within the company.

How to Mitigate Corporation Tax: Remuneration trust How to avoid corporation tax

Our favoured and popular planning method is the Remuneration trust method as it is one of the cheapest on the market, has been 100% successful for the last 25 years, enables you to eliminate all UK taxes, not just corporation tax, is covered by a 100% money back guarantee, the Legal Opinion for this planning is by Robert Venables QC who is perhaps the most expensive and sought after Tax QC in the country, the planning method has hundreds of Supreme Court Cases dating back hundreds of years supporting each part of the planning, and it even gives you the option of then investing your income completely tax-free if you wish for no additional fees. We are not aware of any other planning available in the UK with these benefits otherwise we would be offering it.

This same method can be used to shelter any investment, including properties or share portfolios from Capital Gains tax, Income tax on rental surpluses or dividends (without affecting lending or the title) or inheritance tax. You will also retain FULL CONTROL of your assets at all times. Call us now to see how this method will benefit you on 0845 052 3787 or email us on

Questions and Answers

Q1. I do not want to show zero profit.
A1. You can use our methods to show as much or as little profit as you like. Most business owners pay themselves a PAYE income and take the rest using our methods. You may also choose to pay your corporation tax and then extract your profits tax-free, but still showing a profit.

Q2. I want to sell my company and do not wish to make the sale unattractive due to planning I have done.
A2. As above you can pay your corporation tax and extract your profits using one of our methods. This will remove any historical liability from your trading company and place it on an different entity, if you so wish.


Benefits of our Preferred Tax Planning Method

1. Mitigates Corporation Tax
2. Mitigates Income tax/Dividend Tax
3. Creates a tax-free investment vehicle in the form of your own UK limited Company, if you want.
4. Strong Asset Protection
5. Reasonably priced.
6. All aspects of method proven in Court
7. You Control your assets – not a Trustee.
8. Works for all Business Structures – Limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole Traders.
9. Legal Opinion written by Robert Venables QC.

1. 15,000+ people in the UK currently using it
2. Been 100% successfully employed by the provider for 25+ years and used extensively in various forms by UK tax payers for several hundred years.
3. Works off a very simple and easy to understand structure.
4. The money never leaves the UK.
5. Full disclosure to HMRC.

We have numerous methods to suit almost every situation, so call us now to hear what solution will make your business more profitable.
To qualify for corporate tax planning your company needs to have gross profits of over £100,000.

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