Case Studies

Case studies from the tax experts

1. Clients A were a couple in their early sixties. The couple called The Tax Experts seeking capital gains tax advice. The problem they presented was they had several properties which they wanted to sell to act as their retirement nest egg. This couple were looking at avoiding capital gains tax, which would substantially erode the nest egg they had so carefully created over the years. There was a capital gain of over £300,000, which would be taxed heavily.

After meeting with one of our tax experts, the couple were overjoyed to have found a very simple and easy to implement solution. This solution totally avoided their Capital Gains Tax Liability by creating a capital loss equal to their £300,000 gain. The added benefit of this particular product also gave this wonderful couple an Inheritance Tax benefit, which would benefit their children and maximize the results of their lifelong hard work! Success story one for our tax experts (Please note that this particular method of tax planning is no longer available due to legislation changes).

2. Client B was a successful operator in the property development business and had an income in excess of £750,000. His business centered on locating land which he would then seek planning consent for before selling the land to a third party. Client B was concerned at the amount of income Tax he was paying and asked the Tax Experts to help reduce his income tax. One of our senior tax experts looked at his case and found a straight forward means of substantially reducing his taxes using an off-shore structure called a trading partnership, which did not affect his lending in any way and was easy to set up. The price he paid from our solution provider was almost 10% of the cost he was quoted by two tax experts at the Big 5 Accountancy Firms!

For Client B, the savings did not end with the trading partnership as it transpired that he was going to purchase a property valued at £1 million, incurring a stamp duty bill of £40,000 (at that time but would be far more in the current market). He therefore once again contacted our team of tax experts looking for a way of mitigating the stamp duty on this purchase. Client B was absolutely overjoyed and has since referred many other members of his family and enjoyed the further benefits of the Tax Experts UK Referral Scheme.

Tax experts: Case study 3

3. Client C was a very successful dentist and had an income in excess of £500,000 per annum and growing. He contacted us here at The Tax Experts looking for income tax planning.

After his free consultation with one of our senior tax experts, it became apparent that avoiding income tax for this gentleman was not going to be a problem. This was achieved through the use of a UK tax avoidance scheme similar to a film partnership scheme. If the client had been in a position to create a larger loss than the £500,000 he was already saving, our tax experts could have helped him avoid the income tax on the last 3 years of income. This would have resulted in a significant tax rebate for the gentleman.

Please Note: the methods illustrated here have mostly changed since they were completed for the clients but different methods of tax planning are now on offer.

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